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We are collecting stories–in addition to data–to better understand how the felony murder rule impacts people across America. Over the past two years, we traveled to Alabama, California, Florida, Missouri, Michigan, Mississippi, and elsewhere, to interview people who’ve been incarcerated for felony murder; their family members; the loved ones of those whose lives were lost; prosecutors; defense attorneys; legislators; and more. This is just the start.

Justice for Victims

No More Life Lost

A petty theft led to a high-speed police chase, in which two strangers’ lives were cut short by a tragic crash. 
One of the victims had three children, who do not want any more life to be lost. More on Sadik and Ian’s story.

Survivor of Interpersonal Violence

She Was in Love

Story coming soon.


Three Teenagers

Story coming soon.

Police Violence

Police Killed a Teen;
His Friends Got Charged

Story coming soon.

Overdose Death

A Drug Deal Becomes a Murder

Story coming soon.